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Established in 2001, our fundamental purpose has always remained the same – to inspire change and create customer-centred practice so that pets, horses and livestock receive the best care.


We passionately believe that improving the customer experience should always be the number one priority for veterinary practices and the animal healthcare industry. Only by fully understanding the customer journey can we make it better for the animal patients.


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By this stage of the pandemic, there can’t be a household in Britain that doesn’t have a go-to recipe for banana bread. With time on our hands and too many ever-blackening bananas slumping gently down into the fruit bowl, turning out endless loaves of banana......

Whilst apps, messaging services and webchats are becoming increasingly important in veterinary practice, the good old telephone will always play a key role in putting owners in touch with the practice team. Adapting to the pandemic has brought about five years of progress in just......

We write these blogs to help practices like yours do better, be better, when it comes to the customer experience. We know this stuff works, so it’s good to be able to share a recent success story from one of the practices we work with.......


5 hours ago


So the start of another week as we race towards May

So an interesting lateral thought this week all about oven chips
The rates at which houses go on fire has dropped dramatically
It is rare for this to happen compared to a few decades ago
And the reason ?

Oven chips

No chip pans
No more boiling oil and fat
No more kitchen fires!

Who knew that oven chips would have such a big impact on house fire rates?

House fires where very much more common due to chip pans going on fire and flammable materials in houses meant that those fires took hold

So the invention of oven chips stopped most of the fires starting as the chip pan stopped being used !

So what might be the “oven chip” moment for veterinary care?

We know it’s a random thought process but as we have gone through a whole year of change maybe one thing that might change is how owners pay for and access care and services?

What big change will impact what we do?
What will be our professions “ oven chips” moment?

Could it be the removal of paying for each transaction?

As paid subscriptions grow dramatically in all other sectors maybe our “oven chip” moment is all about not asking for payment at the point of care and running subscriptions and agree to pay programmes like Uber or deliveroo or Amazon

They keep your details
You don’t pay
You just get charged
You agree to this up front

So what do you think?
What will be our ”Oven Chips” game changer?

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3 days ago


The blossom is well underway and hope is springing that we are getting to see people and be the social creatures we truly are.

It’s been a tough time for so many and continues to be so for many too.

In the lockdown some things have become more tricky and for many in the retail sector the people aka shoppers behaviour has led to the wearing of body cams, in addition to store CCTV

So once again we can consider the role of cctv and recorded calls in the veterinary workplace

As many of you will know we are great fans of cctv and call recording

With the event recorded life is so much easier to review and manage and can be very useful in those debates that end up being “ he said, she said, we said ....”

So what do you think to these body cams?

Thankfully the profession doesn’t have the same type of physical assaults as retail workers so these are unlikely to be needed for most, though lone night workers might feel safer maybe?

So the principle of recording interactions for later review, either for safety or learning, is one we just have to embrace sooner or later

We can learn so much from reviewing what actually was said and done
As a CPD opportunity, reviewing calls, consults and front desk interactions are priceless

And we can also review for safety and security as needed

So what do you think?
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6 days ago


Hard day at the office today for #Shamii cat
As Onswitch HQ isn’t in use and we are all working from home, the printer copier thing came home
So #Shamii was supervising today’s meetings
Found the sun
Had a snooze
So what do you think he is thinking today?

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Apologies if you were trying to get on the web today
Gremlins of unknown origin happened! Was off for a wee while now back on again
#Web #TurnItOffTurnItOnAgain

Just this
Well done @Noahhhh93 for taking the time to “connect”
We can “connect” in so many little ways that mean the world to patients and customer/ clients in Veterinary medicine #Empathy #Connect

Vote cast
Always voted
Have a read and pick someone
We are a self regulating profession so cast a vote
Voter turnout poor every year which means you get what others have voted for
So vote , imagine what might happen if 100% votes were used

So so pleased to see this live and out there for folks with small pets
A dedicated service for small mammals who are often very stressed by vets visits
Well done 👍
Check this out #OneVetTeam @AdeleWhartonVet

Congratulations to the team at Bury St Edmunds Vet on their 3 awards at the @vethelpdirect awards last night
Not yet 2 years old and open longer in a pandemic than not in a pandemic, thriving, growing and building a great reputation #Cx #Local #Community.

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