Consult Coach

Consult Coach is a unique feedback tool that provides individual support and insight for clinicians, guiding you towards optimal client communication.


ConsultCoach is a unique feedback process that provides individual support and insight for clinicians, guiding you towards optimal client communication.

A smartphone is used to capture audio visual records of consults, which are then uploaded securely via a web app, reviewed remotely by the Onswitch team and scored against seven key communication criteria.

You get personalised and confidential feedback that will help you refine your consulting technique, whilst clients and pets get the best care – all without any disruption to the normal flow of the day.

ConsultCoach is a unique service provided by Onswitch and offers a number of benefits:

  • Tailored CPD investment in individual team members
  • Personalised opportunity to develop in the consult room
Now: Purchase the Consult Coach review. Onswitch recommend uploading 2-3 videos for a review of your consulting style today and practical feedback highlighting where you can improve.

Soon: The Onswitch Team will be in touch with filming advice and upload instructions.

Later: You will receive your Consult Coach feedback and be able to make changes to the experience in your consult room to promote positive patient outcomes.

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Adhering to a standard consult process bonds clients through trust, supports the team and improves patient outcomes through better client conformance.

ConsultCoach uses the 7 Steps, a simple and clear set of guidelines to help vets and nurses deliver superior consults, developed from the Calgary Cambridge model used in medical schools across the world. The model is based on the principle of building an open and trusting client / clinician relationship through a standard process – asking for information and listening to the client, collecting evidence through a physical examination, explanation of findings, recommendation and planning of next steps, followed by a decisive close:

  • Prepare yourself
  • Create a rapport
  • Ask questions
  • Carry out an obvious patient examination
  • Make recommendations
  • Check understanding and signpost next steps
  • Book the next appointment or contact
Each consultation is reviewed by a Onswitch approved coach and the consultation is scored against the Onswitch 7 Steps.

Feedback is given in the form of a report with a consultation score, breakdown of the 7 Steps and a national average benchmark to compare to. Written feedback is also given so that you can not only see how you have performed you can be supported in the development of your consult experience.