5 Steps Telephone Skills for Out of Hours teams

A tried and tested 5-step process to help teams working in Out of Hours care deliver an excellent customer experience over the phone.

Phone coaching workshop for veterinary OOH teams

What does this course cover?

Where time is of the essence, but emotions are running high and everything is unfamiliar to the owner, it's crucial to manage emergency Out of Hours calls with empathy as well as effectiveness.

The first workshop session looks at the why and the how of the client communication over the phone in an out of hours setting, why it matters and how to get it right.

We cover a range of key topics in the two and a half hour session:
- What is the customer journey in emergency care
- What does a 'good' and 'bad' experience feel like?
- Understanding the emotional context
- Why empathy is important to owner engagement
- Using 'listen, empathise, personalise' to create and action plan
- Introducing the 5 Steps for OOH practice:

1. Introduction
2. Getting the picture and building rapport
3. Care before cost
4. Exchange additional information
5. Summary and goodbye


Delegates then spend a week or so reflecting on learnings and refining their own practice, before returning for a second interactive online.

In the second workshop we focus on delivering a consistently excellent telephone customer experience in an emergency setting:
- Reviewing studies evidencing how choice of words is cruicial
Introducing the concept of recipient design, tailoring conversations according to the differing style and needs of clients
- Look at a range of common communication models
- Breaking down the OOH 5 Steps in detail, with practical examples of how to implement each

This two stage embedding of learning makes the OOH 5 Steps Telephone Skills workshop powerful, memorable and unique.

This workshop has two separate parts each delivered via zoom approximately a week apart. You will need a device with good sound and a camera.

Small group, maximum of 8 delegates, total 5 hours CPD - interactive style workshop. In-persona workshops are also available to book for In-person training days.