Focus Groups

Find out what clients really think about you, through real-time conversations with real people, looking at your business from the outside in

What are they?

Focus groups are a great way to get valuable information and insights from clients and potential customers. A representative sample of people is recruited to give honest feedback about their behaviours, needs and motivating factors when choosing and using a practice, service or brand. Respondents share their experiences via a group video session, guided by an experienced moderator following Market Research Society guidelines.

What will I get?

Following the focus group, you’ll receive a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations, with pertinent quotes and observations to help you make business decisions based on feedback not gut feel. We’ll work closely with you in advance to create the discussion guide used to structure the focus group, so any specific issues and angles you want to explore can be included. As the research is undertaken online, you can either log in to the session to observe and / or view recordings afterwards.

Why do I need them?

Online focus groups offer invaluable feedback, direction and insight, allowing you to get inside the heads and hearts of your clients. Groups undertaken online can be arranged quickly, often within a couple of weeks.

Each 60-90 minute Zoom focus group, including recruitment, managing and facilitating the group as well as the report and recommendations, costs £2,000+VAT (plus incentives for participants).





3 days ago


So part of what we do every month is evaluating locations for new practices

Been doing a lot of these recently as more and more folks look at the possibility of “Opening their own practice”

When we look at a location we assess how many target audience households there are eg pet or horse owners or demand for certain farm services

And it’s usual to find there are plenty of practices serving that audience already , so any new site will need to be able to differentiate themselves or have a point of difference and a “compelling reason to change “ for the local community

So this mornings site evaluation was a surprise

For the first time, in a long time, we have a location that is underserved by practices

Eg a true gap in the market

Highly unusual
Very odd
And on closer digging the reason became clear

3 local practices in the drive time analysis have closed …. For good

So as we work with our post covid situation it’s intriguing to watch sites closing for good and where others are opening up and doing great in the same area

So fascinating times indeed

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@OnswitchLtd Nor cake, which seems to be a lot of adverts' compensation of choice....

@OnswitchLtd 10 to a penny?!!! Not how you describe any future colleague. #Bedrock #respect. FYI - cake is no longer an exciting treat - most of us provide it as standard

When you see the quote:
“ you can’t get vet nurses for love nor money” maybe thats where folks have been going wrong?
It’s a job, career, a responsible role so PAY money don’t expect it done for love
It’s not about cakes & puppies

Just spent the evening with 3 folks who are looking to do their own thing
2 parts a week apart
All by zoom
Private session for 3 colleagues
Key question
#Flexible #Learning #Plan
Why not be the boss?


Exciting times well done #OpenYourOwnPractice all very possible

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