In Practice Training

The Onswitch team can come to deliver a day of training face-to-face with your team.

In-practice trainingThe pandemic taught us that online training is really good for small groups and attendees spread across different locations. However, for larger groups, deep dives and bespoke practice content, face-to-face training can work better.The Onswitch training team cover the UK and are always happy to come to you to deliver in-person training workshops at your practice, provided a couple of criteria are met:
  • Dedicated time is made available – this is so you and your team make the most of this training time
  • Suitable training space is arranged – the room should be bright, spacious and with no distractions. Onswitch workshops are interactive, so attendees need to be able to immerse themselves and enjoy the experience. If you have this at your practice, great! If not, we’re going to need a venue off-site.

Training requires investment of time, money and energy so it’s vital that the space suits if you and your team are to get the most out of it.

For your training day you can either have:
  1. One full course delivered in a full day.
  2. Two shorter courses delivered, one in the morning, one in the afternoon.
  3. As our courses are workshop style all team members will need to be involved and therefore the ideal group size is 10 delegates.
    A day of in practice training is available for £2,750+vat.
Check out our available courses here! If you would like to discuss your training needs in more detail please give us a call: 01476 565343