Index improvements – a case study

We write these blogs to help practices like yours do better, be better, when it comes to the customer experience. We know this stuff works, so it’s good to be able to share a recent success story from one of the practices we work with.


Back in September, this lovely team embarked on a process of ‘sorting out’ the customer journey to and through their practice. And, as every good veterinary professional knows, projects like these need data and evidence if they are to succeed. You can’t set SMART objectives and targets for improvement without knowing where you are now.


Like many others around the UK and across the world, this practice has signed up to the Onswitch Index – a monthly programme of telephone research that quantifies performance in six key areas. They’ve recently had their January data, comparing the team’s scores against local competitors and national data – pleasingly for everyone, the data shows that they are best in town when it comes to telephone customer care. As you can see, not only are they ahead of the national average in every metric, but there has been a visible improvement every month since starting their Onswitch Index subscription.

The team began by focusing on what happens when a client contacts them, introducing online appointment booking and apps that support webchats with the customer care team, ensuring that much of the inbound communication volume can be sorted online, without a client needing to pick up the phone. As a direct result, call volumes have reduced, but call quality has increased – monthly reporting and call recordings allow the team to see and hear the great results of focusing on first call resolution. Call coaching from Onswitch then helps the team choose and use better words and phrases, making telephone conversations more effective in less time.


The telephone is a key touchpoint in the customer journey at any practice, and as such it’s crucial that the care delivered here is warm, empathic and consistent. Would you know if this is the case at your practice? Is your first call resolution evidenced and measurable? Focusing on the phone delivers results for everyone – the team, clients and ultimately your patients. Because what gets measured, gets better.


Working with hundreds of practices over the last twenty years has proved that where teams focus on improving key client touchpoints, a more supportive and successful type of practice culture develops. One where learning is centred firmly at the heart of service delivery.

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