Managing and Coaching Teams To Success

As an experienced thought leader, Alison Lambert shares practical tips and tools to help you get the most out of your team.


This workshop has two separate parts, each delivered via Zoom approximately a week apart. You will need a device with good sound and a camera.

In-person workshops are also available to book for your practice team.

The first workshop session explores the bigger picture of process and people:

  • Understanding what motivates people in your team
  • Exploring how management and leadership differ (and crucially, why this is important)
  • Differing responses to change – understanding Kotter’s model and applying its principles in your leadership

Delegates then spend a week or so reflecting on learnings and refining their own practice, before returning for a second interactive online session. You will receive a personalised DISC report, highlighting unique innate communication preferences and styles so that you can better understand and hone your coaching and feedback delivery.
In the second workshop we focus on how to give meaningful feedback, looking at a range of simple models and tools to help you structure coaching sessions effectively:

  • Herzberg’s Motivator-Hygiene theory
  • GROW model
  • Johari windows
  • Tailoring feedback to the individual

This two-part interactive workshop will give you the confidence and competence to manage and coach your team to success.

You’ll also receive a personal DISC report and a TeamTrack survey, included in the workshop fee of £450+VAT

Onswitch’s two-stage embedding of learning makes the ‘Managing and coaching teams to success’ workshop powerful, memorable and unique.

Small group, maximum of 8 delegates, total 5 hours CPD – interactive style workshop.