Managing Difficult Situations

A two-part interactive remote workshop to help you prevent most issues arising and equip you with the skills to manage conflict when it does occur

Managing Difficult Situations

Every member of the practice team will face uncomfortable situations from time to time, whether with clients, colleagues or suppliers. Yet it’s not the person that’s difficult, rather the situation they find themselves in (surprised by a large bill, frustrated at their pet’s poor prognosis, angry at being cut off the phone again, for example).


This two-part remote workshop will give you practical skills and techniques to help understand and successfully manage the four aspects of every difficult situation:

  • You
  • The other person
  • Patient
  • Context

Managing Difficult Situations – The Course

What will I get?

Before the workshop you will receive a personalised DISC report, highlighting unique innate communication preferences and styles so that you can tailor learnings from the course to suit your own personality and circumstances.

Part one of the workshop will explore the bigger picture of process and people – where are the touchpoints on the customer journey that commonly cause issues? What do good and bad experiences look and feel like?

Part two looks in detail at effective communication, using tools such as KLARDOC and showing you how to spot patterns and modify behaviours in order to prevent and pre-empt issues.


Why do I need it?

Reframing difficult situations as products of a unique set of challenging (but manageable) circumstances, rather than simply as a clash with a difficult person, will help you deal calmly and effectively with inevitable differences of opinion. Equipped with an understanding of your own communication preferences, and armed with a comprehensive set of practical tools, you’ll then be able to confidently defuse even the most difficult situation.

The two-part remote workshop, with personal DISC report, costs £330+VAT


You’ll need Zoom installed on your laptop or desktop in order to participate.


2 days ago


Looking forward to spending time with specialists in Italy at the “Meet The Expert” Congress with Boehringer Ingelheim tomorrow morning


All about the “two customers” that a specialist has to work with to get to a great patient outcome

The referring vet and the owner

So will be great to spend time talking about these two journeys and sharing where we can polish and make them easier

So always nice to bring theatre into Vet conversations too


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2 days ago


When a big hole appears, again, outside your office HQ!

So the return of the SinkHole!

SinkHole 2

Big news in Grantham

So after a year and a half of work from home we can’t get to the office even if we wanted to!

Mysterious hole reappears

Well not that mysterious really

Water board team put a camera down

“Scope the hole”

Big, big hole

Drains collapsed

And the same issue as before

So lesson to all really don’t keep putting a sticking plaster over the underlying issue

There is a big drain issue with a big hole

New tarmac won’t work

So get to the root cause - sort the big hole

Lesson for all of us, we can plaster over the issues but “it” won’t go away

We must deal with the source or cause or in this instance the big hole!

Have a good weekend

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Not every day you can weave theatre into a veterinary lecture
Tomorrow morning will be fun
Spending time with orthopaedic,cardiology and dermatology specialists in Italy
All about the business of speciality care
#MeetTheExpert @Boehringer_AH @B_Academy_Vet #OneManTwoGuvners

Evening all
Long week
Optimism though as just booked flights to Australia for May 2022

Lovely surprise today
It’s been a crazy year for so many and every now and then a little thankyou is a great pick me up

Night shift
Technology enables learning
@YorkshireTea keeps me going!
Who knew how useful a flask would be


@OnswitchLtd What COVID has changed in my life : I can attend your talk !!! Piccolo, French brown tabby

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