Managing Difficult Situations

A two-part interactive remote workshop to help you prevent most issues arising and equip you with the skills to manage conflict when it does occur

Managing Difficult Situations

Every member of the practice team will face uncomfortable situations from time to time, whether with clients, colleagues or suppliers. Yet it’s not the person that’s difficult, rather the situation they find themselves in (surprised by a large bill, frustrated at their pet’s poor prognosis, angry at being cut off the phone again, for example).


This two-part remote workshop will give you practical skills and techniques to help understand and successfully manage the four aspects of every difficult situation:

  • You
  • The other person
  • Patient
  • Context

Managing Difficult Situations – The Course

What will I get?

Before the workshop you will receive a personalised DISC report, highlighting unique innate communication preferences and styles so that you can tailor learnings from the course to suit your own personality and circumstances.

Part one of the workshop will explore the bigger picture of process and people – where are the touchpoints on the customer journey that commonly cause issues? What do good and bad experiences look and feel like?

Part two looks in detail at effective communication, using tools such as KLARDOC and showing you how to spot patterns and modify behaviours in order to prevent and pre-empt issues.


Why do I need it?

Reframing difficult situations as products of a unique set of challenging (but manageable) circumstances, rather than simply as a clash with a difficult person, will help you deal calmly and effectively with inevitable differences of opinion. Equipped with an understanding of your own communication preferences, and armed with a comprehensive set of practical tools, you’ll then be able to confidently defuse even the most difficult situation.

The two-part remote workshop, with personal DISC report, costs £330+VAT


You’ll need Zoom installed on your laptop or desktop in order to participate.


17 hours ago


Another Tuesday comes around again

Time is flying as we head to the springtime

It’s a little brighter and #Shamii had a good look about today

He likes to sit on a car and peer at you all from a height

So what is he thinking today?

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2 days ago


The start of another week

And today we are inspired by a local food company Yummy

They deliver local produce to local communities

Onswitch HQ is based in Lincolnshire and we have seen this grow over the last year

The change in shopping habits,driven by covid, has been significant

The new ways to shop and buy goods and services has been profound and for many will be their “New Normal”

So as we enter the beginning of the end of covid lockdowns ( fingers crossed) now is the time to take stock of what is now normal and everyday in our veterinary world

What have owners learnt to do?
What have practices learnt to do?
What is now normal, that was rare pre covid?
What will stay post lockdown ?

All of these questions will drive systems and organisational changes, both for teams and clients

Examples such as pre pay and upfront payment for services that are now much more common

Subscription services for home delivered meds and food now so many options for clients

Drop off care Appointments with remote communications eg apps, web-chat and video consulting, again all embraced by clients

The role of the whole team in caring for clients , home working ,outbound calls and communications

The list goes on ....

So what will you keep from the last 12 months?
What new things have you done that have made a difference?

Have a great week

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And the link for @ISFMcats webinar

Prepping sides for @ISFMcats session on kittens
First step is to invite them in when they call!
So first step is if they contact your practice via any means #Connect
#apps #webchat #call #offerAppointment 60% dont!


Excellent organisation at Meres in Grantham for covid part 1

Blog pondering
#Communication #clarity

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