Practise delivering your technical sessions and sales pitches with Meeting Coach to help you hone your skills before doing it for real with your accounts/customers


If you are working with client accounts where you have to share knowledge and information in a 1-2 hour session or in a lunch and learn then you need MeetingCoach.


MeetingCoach helps you practise in a safe environment with people who will give you structured and fair feedback.


We know how valuable it is to be able to practise delivering complex technical messages and new product information before you are faced with your real decision makers.


The Onswitch team provide a simulation environment so you can practise delivering your message to an audience made up of people just like your decision makers.


We’ll film the sessions which take place over Zoom so you can watch back at your leisure and tweak your delivery or change the content as required.


This feedback will help you focus and reflect on what went well and what you can do differently next time, as that next time is with your real clients and decision makers.


This feedback can feed into team workshops which can help you make the most of the time you have with your decision makers and clients.


Practise makes perfect, so why not practise with us?


What do I get?

  • A film of your session so you can reflect
  • Written feedback from each of the MeetingCoach attendees
  • A senior Onswitch team member will review your recording (they will not be a delegate) and they will give you structured feedback via MP4 file


This feedback will help you focus and reflect on what went well and what you can do differently next time, as that next time is with your real clients and decision makers.


Meeting Coach sessions are costed at a per person who undergoes feedback – £750+vat per person per hour

Next Steps

Now: Click the ‘Arrange Now’ button to let us know you would like to go ahead with Meeting Coach, how many team members for and a timeline to suit.


Soon: The Onswitch Team will be in touch to arrange appropriate dates for Meeting Coach to take place, Zoom links and PO requests.


Later: You will deliver your workshop session and the Onswitch team will provide your feedback within 2 weeks of the meeting.


Putting together educational resources to be delivered in practices is something of a fine art – there is limited time available and so it’s crucial to get key messages across clearly and succinctly. Through MeetingCoach, Onswitch helped our account managers develop effective coaching skills and practise delivering key points in a safe and realistic environment. The feedback we got from actual vets and nurses really was invaluable in ensuring the success of our programme, and I would recommend MeetingCoach to anyone who presents product information or delivers training to practice teams.


Kevin Whelan, Global Marketing, MSD Animal Health


1 day ago


A new week and nearly Christmas

Spotted this a while ago and made us all smile as it is so true

Gratitude and appreciation are contagious

So if we spread a little gratitude then it will slowly and surely change the mood around us

Yes it’s tough for many right now, folks are edgy and worried about so many things and many folks are struggling in their workplaces across all sectors

So why not sow some small moments of gratitude and change someone’s day on your travels today

That phone call you make to the bank or at the checkout when shopping or a trip to the dentists or anywhere where you as a customer can change a moment in someone’s day

That moment of calm and appreciation will help them in some small way and you never know they may be someone’s next client call or visit or consult at a vets and you well have changed their day too

We change the world when we change what we do

We do reap what we sow

So let’s sow some gratitude this week

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3 days ago


A lovely surprise today the arrival of a young Wild Plum tree a symbol of “Hope and Happiness”


Beautiful wrapping and packaging and all compostable

This little tree will grow and then produce fruit and it has found a nice new home at Onswitch HQ

So we do like a good metaphor and this little tree will grow and be productive only when we take care of it

We must provide:

Food via plenty of good soil and compost

Water -not too much, not too little

Protection from deer and rabbits

Support- a nice framework to keep upright in the crazy weather

Care … lot of care and attention

And weeding … always keep the weeds away from this little tree

Weeds steal food and entangle the growth and will overwhelm the tree as it tries to grow

So a bit like teams of people really

All people can grow and be nurtured but they do need similar care and attention

Managing and caring for teams is intentional and proactive not passive or reactive

All people do better when someone cares about them, is honest with them and they have a clear understanding of what is going on

And just as with little trees you have to be patient

You have to be aware of weeds that prevent growth and flourishing, beware “weeds” in teams of people .. they too suck the life out of you!

Anyway it’s the weekend and it just seems a nice one to ponder

Little trees grow well and so can people

Have a peaceful weekend

#Hope #Happiness

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5 days ago


Morning all

So this caught the eye and it is very likely how many of you feel right now!

So part of feeling more on top of things is getting the start of the conversation under control and having a clear outline of where you can go and what you can do

So phone skills for the team is crucial in making calls more manageable as well as looking at how to reduce call volume by using outbound calls and digital tools

So the Covid period has shown us that
“Fewer Words, Better Said” makes a big difference

So time for some refresher phone skills

Check the courses out and plan ahead

Last course for this year is next week so move quickly!

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Know this feeling?!
Phone skills session next week will help folks who are juggling
So important we review and refresh what we do and say on the phone
Move to review call volumes role of outbound calls and digital key
Join us
#OneVetTeam #Listen

No - THANK YOU - chocolates really don’t do it justice but an elephant never forgets - and we know the @NottinghamVets students get such an important, inspiring and forever memorable experience meeting and working with you! #thefuturesbright #inspireinnovateeducate

Thankyou to the team @NottinghamVets for these chocolates that have arrived at each of the Onswitch team homes
So happy to be helping our #FutureColleagues with their learning and the Business Game and Dragons Den is a highlight for us all
#Thankyou #OneVetTeam been a busy week of zoom courses
Lots of chat, discussion? interaction and few slides
It works when you keep focussed
2.5 hours max with part 1 and a week later part 2
Can be great fun too
Sophie Dainty from our HQ Team is doing an MBA at Nottingham Trent Uni & has a 3 minute survey about the Team Experience in practice
If you can find 3 minutes to fill in that would be very much appreciated
#OneVetTeam #TeamExperience

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