Opening Your Own Vet Practice

Quarterly remote interactive workshops provide valuable support, information and practical tools for anyone looking to open their own practice.

Opening Your Own Veterinary Practice

Whilst more and more practices are joining corporate groups, opening a successful independent practice remains a fulfilling and realistic aspiration for vets today. Of course, opening a vet clinic is hard work, but with focus, detailed advance planning and by following robust and proven processes, profitability after just a few months of operation is entirely feasible. This opening a vet clinic workshop will show you how to achieve your dreams of practice ownership, without the whole process becoming a financial and logistical nightmare.

Opening a New Veterinary Practice – The Tricks Of The Trade

Quarterly ‘opening your own veterinary practice’ practical workshops are delivered remotely, giving attendees a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills to enable you to get off on the right foot in your new practice. We’ll explore the importance of marketing to potential clients in the catchment area with targeted brand messages six months out; as well as establishing key steps to take each month, up to and after launch. Delegates also build vital management competencies for the early months of trading, such as team coaching, developing the customer experience and measuring team and business performance.


Understanding your target market and tailoring your service accordingly is crucial prior to opening a new vet practice, and we’ll look at how you can collect data on a wide range of key parameters such as:

  • Catchment demographics
  • Likely client numbers
  • Strengths and weaknesses of existing competitors
  • Physical and commercial barriers and opportunities


When opening a new veterinary practice it’s also important to consider your own unique selling points and branding – how is your approach different to other practices already available? How does it feel to be a client of your vet clinic? Very few areas of the UK are under-provided for in terms of veterinary practices, so if you are to recruit and retain the 1,000 active clients per Full Time Equivalent vet required in order to maintain a sustainable business, the reality is that you will need to switch clients from elsewhere. And attracting new clients is much easier when you have obvious practice values and your ethos is visible in every aspect of the customer experience your team provide – this opening a new veterinary practice workshop will show you how to establish and communicate your unique brand messages clearly and consistently to potential clients in the area.

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19 hours ago


Time with #FutureColleagues today as part of the in curriculum business teaching at Nottingham Vet School

Always good to spend time with our future colleagues

Good discussions today about the post covid business structure

What stays the same?
What changes?
And what has gone for good?

So many dynamic changes right now

So sticking to the core principles helps

1. We are a people business
2. We care for people who have animals in their lives
3. So learn to “get” people ASAP

Customer centred thinking means folks connect and we can then get to good patient outcomes

We can only do the right thing for patients when we work with the people who live with

So good debate

And building up to the Dragons Den next week

Great process
Good teaching
And as a Dragon one of the best days in the diary

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4 days ago


So trip to get dog food … overwhelming choices

Waaaaaay too much pondering really but anyway ponder we did!

And spotted the Christmas advent calendars for pets

So it’s simple really, in our opinion ……

Keep Christmas in December!!

So what do you reckon?

Intriguing to see folks stocking up and buying for their pets already

Too early or ok?
Do you buy presents for your pets?

We do but in December!

Weekend debate time

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5 days ago


A different sort of day today for Alison
Spending time with the Elanco and Moredun teams talking with RAMAs all hosted by Adam Henson from Countryfile

All about how we can communicate better with our farmers
Great way to outreach

Short, sharp, snappy,focussed communication
No long winded webinars!

Panel chats and nice delegate involvement

Fascinating day ahead

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Huge thank you to Alison @OnswitchLtd and Colin @XLVetsEquine for teaching, and inspiring @NottinghamVets students today #clientoriented #values #communication #listen🩺

Always good to talk about what the people we care for actually want
We are a people business
We care for people who just happen to have animals in their lives

Excellent thread for all #OneVetTeam
One to ponder!
Vet school entry interview question for me to use next time too
Critical thinking and creative thoughts
Just what we need

Big thanks to @AdamHenson for hosting our third #A2K event for #RAMAs & #livestockvets today &to our brilliant speakers @philip_skuce, Beth Wells from @MoredunComms, Alison Lambert from @OnswitchLtd & our own Matt Colston! Another great event #A2K @AMTRA_RAMA _RAMA @OTCnewsfeed

Thankyou for the invite
Really interesting session
Panels,questions ,snappy short talks, videos, interviews, case studies
Everything that makes it so much more interesting than a webinar
Great fun #learning

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