Managing and Coaching Teams To Success


Managing and Coaching Teams to Success

This workshop will be delivered remotely, you will need a device with good sound and a camera.


Part 1: Fri 14th Aug 2020
Part 2: Fri 21st Aug 2020


9:30 – 12:00


The day will cover:

– Understanding what motivates people within your team

– How management and leadership differs and why this is important

– What makes people go above and beyond their typical duties

– Why choice of words matter in coaching teams

– Bespoke communications to different team members and why this is needed for success

– How to give feedback positively

– Explore how different people require different delivery of feedback

You will also receive a DISC assessment, and a team survey link.

Additional Information

Part 1: Fri 14th Aug 2020, Part 2: Fri 21th Aug 2020


9:30 am-12:30pm