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Salary Survey 2021


For too long now, it’s been almost impossible for vets to understand what their market value is. Job adverts talk about ‘competitive salary’ or ‘benefits commensurate with experience’, but it’s hard to know what this actually translates to in the monthly pay packet.

At Onswitch we think the time for this to change is long overdue, and so we undertook a nationwide salary survey with UK veterinary professionals from a wide range of regions, job types and ages.

The intention of the survey is to start the debate about what people are paid and create an open and transparent discussion about this topic.

We change the world when we change what we do, so lets be more open about pay and conditions for our colleagues.

So it is over to you now, use this to start a conversation and to make changes in your practice.

Step 1: Download and read the Salary Survey

Step 2: Take the Team Track survey to find out what your workplace is really like