The essentials of running a veterinary practice

A two-part interactive remote workshop to embed first principles and best practice for running a successful veterinary business

What is it?

There’s so much you don’t get told (in training or in role) about managing a veterinary business profitably and effectively.


This two-part Zoom workshop will show you everything you need to know about running a practice – going back to basics and covering commercial principles, marketing and the importance of understanding how to communicate your practice’s unique selling points to your target market.

Why do I need it?

In the good old days, vets would work up the practice hierarchy until they eventually became partner; effectively learning all the unique specifics, processes and contacts by seeing senior colleagues do them. In an era when many vets are now corporate employees, there simply isn’t the opportunity to develop and hone a commercial skillset over time. This interactive remote workshop distils a lifetime of business apprenticeship into half a day of practical business essentials.

What will I get?

Over two sessions, this workshop covers all basic business essentials, structured around a Balanced Scorecard approach to take in key information from four areas: clients, team, finance and operational effectiveness.


This workshop focusing solely on teaching practical skills and sharing how to collect essential data that will enable you to tailor the toolkit required to run a business, into getting the very best out of your business.


This two-part remote workshop costs £385 +VAT per delegate.


You’ll need a laptop or desktop with sound, a mic and a camera in order to participate.


Small group, maximum of 8 delegates


3 days ago


Please help us help ISFM to understand what you like about their cat education programmes

So this is a short survey and will be used to help ISFM plan their support for you in different and better ways

So please take a few minutes to fill this short survey in and share with colleagues

All your feedback will really help ISFM

Thankyou and please share 🐱

#cats #OneVetTeam #Shamii
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2 weeks ago


So the weekend debate today all about
“Grab and go” payments now being trialled by more mainstream retailers
Reported in the iPaper today

So basically you walk in and you walk out with your goods or services
No transaction moment
No tills
No stop to pay
No wait to pay
No call back to pay

So yes you walk in and you walk out with your goods

Of course you are paying as you have self selected on the way in to pay on the way out via the magic of available tech!

So we the profession need a new story about payment

“You wouldn’t expect to go to Tesco and walk out without paying would you? “
That well known Vet team story!

So we the profession have to sort our pre pay process

Pay up front
Agree to pay
Subscribe for all care
Whatever it may be

As when customers embrace “Grab & Go” the profession will need to embrace this simplification on the customer journey too

We need to talk about payment process
Make it clearer
More transparent

What do you think?

Have a peaceful weekend

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If you have a moment, we'd appreciate hearing your thoughts!
We are helping @ISFMcats understand what works for folks when choosing CPD and memberships
Please fill in this short survey and share with colleagues @iCatCare
Thankyou #Cats #OneVetTeam

Just come across this and it is not OK to mock what is a very serious issue across society and in our own profession
Those who mock just do not get it.
Anonymous posting hides open debate too
Debate, discuss and learn

@OpenRoomEvents speaking at an actual event w real people
Weird feeling
VetForumUK talk all about expecting different results when you keep doing the same stuff
So think clients & team
Things you want to be different but you keep doing same stuff
#VetForumUK #OneVetTeam


Reviewing Team Track feedback reports
The team free hand comments what we need to do “more of”
This one struck home
It’s all about people always has been
And now more than ever we must invest in people not just shiny kit & equipment
Ask your team

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